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Team ParrotFish Program


$280 for eight 60-minute classes on Team ParrotFish

PLEASE NOTE: Participation with Team ParrotFish is by invitation only.

Team ParrotFish Swim Team

Prepare for the challenge with swim team lessons!

For swimmers who have mastered the fundamentals of swimming and are ready for the ultimate in competition. Team ParrotFish is our exclusive, invitation only swim team lesson program that challenges swimmers to prepare for competition. We emphasize proper technique, eliminating dq’s, preparing for race day, and team training skills. Team ParrotFish swim training is based on the same principles as Olympic and Collegiate team training, preparing your champion for a competitive swimming career!


Team ParrotFish Enrollment: $280 for eight 60-minute classes on Team ParrotFish

Registration Information

Annual ParrotFish Membership dues are $20 per swimmer. This is a one-time fee charged each calendar year. Please bring your payment with you to the first class.

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