"Our Young Children Blossomed in the Pool"

“After just a few sessions with Coach Dan, our young children blossomed in the pool. They gained confidence both in and out of the water, and Coach Dan’s ability to interact with children with grace was evident, as he knew just when and how to encourage and when to give space and independence. We are grateful to Dan for all of his efforts; our children would not be swimmers without him! We tried countless area swim schools without success until we came across ParrotFish.”

–Katie of Sterling, VA

"So Thrilled that We Found Coach Dan"

“I am so thrilled that we found Coach Dan. He is an amazing, intelligent, and extremely knowledgeable individual. Before Coach Dan, we were unable to connect with an instructor that actually provided not only his students but their parents with such solid education on swimming skills and technique. The connection was instant with Coach Dan. He is a supportive educator and a great coach. This is why our daughter has learned so much and looks forward to all her lessons. Our daughter is doing well with technique and recognizing the skills she needs to work on. Thanks, Coach!”


— Bailey Family of Sterling, VA

"For the First Time Ever, Our Kids are Retaining What They Learned"

“Years of swimming lessons and swim teams, gave our 7 and 9 year old daughters the ability to make it from one side of the pool to the other. However, their strokes were unrecognizable and they barely had breath and energy to get out of the pool. As parents, we didn’t care about them winning races, we just wanted them to be safe in the water… but they had learned neither. We were frustrated and felt we were wasting time and money. When we crossed paths with Dan, everything clicked. Dan tailors his teaching style to the kid’s individual temperaments and abilities allowing them to succeed at their own pace. His approach is different. Instead of starting with strokes, Dan began with breathing, balance, leg strengthening, and body positioning drills. Teaching them to move like fish so they can swim like fish! The vertical kicks and balance drills were building a strong foundation that the kids never had. This different approach is already yielding better results. For the first time ever, our kids are retaining what they’ve learned and are receiving compliments from friends and total strangers on their smooth strokes and how nicely they glide through the water. Just like fish …”

— Norton Family of Ashburn, VA

"Coach Dan Approached Our Son in a Way that was Fun and Instructional"

“In the past, swim classes have been hit or miss with our children. Our oldest is very energetic and has always loved the water, but he hated the structured swim lesson. That was until he met Coach Dan. Coach Dan approached our son in a way that was fun and instructional. He has a very structured program that develops important swimming fundamentals. We have seen a dramatic improvement in his swimming ability over the past year and he still loves to attend class. Our youngest is 5 and we started him in swim lessons when he was 4 at our local pool. Those did not fare well. He was afraid of the water and the water temperature was hit or miss. Once he got into a session with Coach Dan (in the warm pool) everything turned around. He was putting his head in the water and starting to float on his back. His fear of the water is totally gone and he can’t wait to start a new round of swim lessons with Coach Dan. As parents we are happy to see how Coach Dan works with the children. Swimming instruction is paramount, but he makes it fun and that is so important with kids.”

— Chu Family

"Patient, and Works with Your Fears and Strengths"

“I started classes with Dan with a fear of water, and I am swimming now!!! Dan is a great teacher. He is patient, and works with your fears and strengths. I feel fortunate to have found a teacher who loves what he does! Thank you Dan!”


“Coach Dakus has a Deep Understanding of Swimming and How to Teach Swimming"

“Coach Dakus has a deep understanding of swimming and how to teach swimming that comes from working with elite athletes. He is one of a rare breed who is willing to use this knowledge on beginners. My boys have worked with him from their earliest days of swimming and they are progressing well. I look forward to seeing what happens to them if they decide to really work at swimming and stay with him as their coach.”

— David Grossman

"It was Clear that Coach Dan Connected Well with Kids"

“After struggling with lack of consistent teaching and improvement at the local health club, my two children were fortunate to have worked with Coach Dan for the past 2+ years. From the outset, it was clear that Coach Dan connected well with kids and had a genuine interest teaching them how to swim efficiently. My son, in particular, gained a noticeable competitive advantage at various swim meets. With Coach Dan’s Olympic experience, we are confident that the sky’s the limit when it comes to unleashing the children’s swimming potential.”

— Cecil of Ashburn, VA

"Parrotfish Swim School Rocks!"
“Coach Dan, wanted to thank you for the great coaching and skill training.  Really made a world of difference for James.  In his summer league, he was undefeated in butterfly and swam the top 4 times in the league and just won the All-Stars as well.  All the other top swimmers are year round club swimmers except James.  He was also the only side breather thanks to you and that drill for kicking made him more powerful than anyone by a longshot (despite the sloppy arms that didn’t quite get corrected).  Monkey toes and all.  Thank you for the great work with little time!  Your contributions were evident.”
– Eric
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