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Youth Swimming Program


Standard Enrollment: $220 per session (eight 30-minute classes)

Swim Lessons for Kids, Toddlers, and Babies in Sterling, VA

Dulles, VA Youth Swimming Programs

Developing Excellent Swimming Skills At An Early Age

ParrotFish Swim School follows the Dakus Swim Method, teaching progressive proficiency in the water. Each youth swim class teaches your child the skill he or she needs right now, before moving on to the next skill. Some students master skills quickly, while others prefer to practice each skill several times before moving on to the next skill. We encourage students to learn as much as possible in each swim class, but we set the pace according to each student’s own internal pace of mastery. Students achieve each level of mastery within our program before moving on to the next level. We customize our pace to each student within our program, encouraging self-confidence and having fun every step of the way. You move on to the next technique when you are ready! We are one of the first US Swim Schools teaching these dynamic Olympic level techniques to all students in each swim lesson.

Infants & Toddlers

-Babies thru age 3, Parents join child in water
-30 minute class, Emphasis on safe breathing & comfort in the water


-Attain high level of comfort in the water
-Graduate to Level 1

Level 1

-Static Float
-No motion

Level 2

-Dynamic float in water
-Float with kick

Level 3

-Stroke Development
-Float with kick and arms combinedNo motion

Level 4
-Stroke Refinement


Standard Enrollment: $220 per session (eight 30-minute classes)
Team ParrotFish Enrollment: $280 per session on Team ParrotFish classes (eight 60-minute classes)

Participation with Team ParrotFish is by Invitation Only. Class Placement determined by coach during swim assessment.

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